Phase 1: Concept and Planning

During the first phase of development, the team will work on improving the idea for the QR68 platform, including its QR code payment system.
  • Refining concept
  • Market analyzing
  • Marketing plan & strategy
  • Team recruitment

Phase 2: Development

During the development phase, the team will focus on building the technical infrastructure and architecture needed to support the QR code payment system.
  • QR68 prototype (payment function)
  • Optimizing user experience
  • Blockchain integration
  • Stability and reliability testing

Phase 3: Token Sale & Launch

The third phase of development will launch the QR68 platform to the public, including an initial token sale to fund development and expansion. Marketing and promotion will increase platform awareness and interest.
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns
  • Community Building
  • Initial token sale
  • Launch of QR68

Phase 4: Expansion and Partnerships

In the fourth phase, the team will introduce new features and capabilities to improve the QR code payment system and add value to users. To grow the QR code payment system, strategic collaborations and synergies with other initiatives and platforms will be sought.
  • Enhancing the QR code payment system
  • Strategic partnerships and integrations with other projects and platforms
  • Continued marketing and promotion
  • Increasing QR68 pay adoption

Phase 5: Continued Development

  • Social media, events, and other engagement initiatives
  • Initiate QR68 DAO
  • Renouncing ownership
  • Mass adoption

Phase 6: TBA