What is QR68 token?

QR68 is our native token with its smart contract built on Arbitrum Network

About QR68

  • Token Name: QR68

  • Symbol: QR68

  • Decimal: 18

  • Total Supply: 10.000.000

  • Token Address:​ 0x860490C8424b681088A266dffa7808E2f17156f1

  • Chain: Arbitrum

  • Tax Buy/Sell: 1% | 1%

QR68 Use Cases

Real Yield Farming

By locking up assets and earning ETH/BNB/USDT tokens in exchange, users can receive a passive income to offset opportunity costs.

DAO Governance

Exchange and product features and parameters to encourage decentralized community governance. Users can commit QR68 tokens to vote on future QR68 crypto network features and protocol parameter modifications by participating in the governance model.

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